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Corporate Functions

Human Resources
The Human Resources department is the key motivator to facilitate, retain and help increase productivity within departments at the corporate level. It develops employees’ careers by encouraging geographic mobility (within the countries where Oasis Companies operates) as well as cross-business mobility (within and between the different companies of the Group). HR further offers orientation to new employees and fills the gap in skills observed by the parent department through additional training, counseling or by providing an exchange platform to employees of diverse backgrounds.

Information Technology
The Central IT department serves as the operational nerve-centre, with data storage, exchange through best breed applications and infrastructure for all the companies in UAE as well as those overseas. Management has put great emphasis on leveraging Information Technology as the key source of competitive advantage across the Group. The Group has pioneered in the Middle East the fast track implementation of Oracle ERP applications and sending this out to all companies. Further, in order to consolidate all financials, the Group has been an early adopter of Oracle’s Fusion Application. Customers get assurance of secured and quality services through adoption of ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards. Business continuity, improved services to the business functions of the operating departments across the Group, and the quick communication of appropriate information to customers and suppliers, are the main facilitation initiatives, as per the directive of the Board.

Finance & Audit
The Financial department provides: (1) Business insight and financial analysis for General Management to develop the Group’s strategy. (2) Necessary competitive financing to companies in order to fund their growth and development. (3) Standardized guidelines on financial planning and reporting, enabling the Group to track performance. (4) Control procedures and systems. Further, our Group Internal Audit enforces all the operations to work according to best practices and be ethical and transparent, in turn helping customers, suppliers and Government Bodies infuse the element of trust in all our activities.

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