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Rectangular Duct System


Leminar’s Rectangular Duct System is manufactured to meet the most stringent HVAC/Industrial specifications and quality standards using Leminar’s vast experience and expertise in the field and its state-of-the-art equipment.For over a decade, Leminar’s Rectangular Duct System is available for various HVAC and other industrial/commercial applications. Energy efficiency through minimum air leakage rate and indoor air quality are the basis of Leminar’s engineered products.

Ducts are manufactured on CNC machinery such as Auto fold & Shearing machines, Plasma Arc Cutting machines, and Auto Seaming machines.

Leminar Rectangular Ducts are available in the following construction :-

  • Galvanised Construction :- Leminar’s GI rectangular ducts are fabricated from hot dipped galvanised sheets in accordance with ASTM A 653, Lock forming quality with G90 / Z27 (275 grams / m2 ) zinc coating.
  • Stainless steel :- Leminar’s SS ducts are fabricated out from prime SS sheets of 316 / 304 grades with fully welded longitudinal and transverse joints.
  • Black steel / Mild steel ducts :- Leminar’s black steel ducts are fabricated from hot rolled / cold rolled black steel sheets with fully welded longitudinal and transverse joints.
  • Aluminium ducts:- Leminar’s Aluminium ducts are fabricated from aluminium sheets of AA1100 / Equal grade of sheets with Hemmed ‘S’ & Drive ‘C’ cleats or flanged type transverse joints.

Product Features :

  • Excellent quality ducts fabricated from a variety of GI sheet makes.
  • Mild / Black steel and Stainless steel rectangular ducts can be fabricated with fully welded longitudinal and transverse joints for airtight and watertight joints.
  • Duct construction as per DW144 / SMACNA/ASHRAE standards provides superior strength, low leakage rate and vibration free products.
  • No limitation on duct size. Any size of duct can be constructed.
  • Less leakage with superior quality slip on flange transverse joints with integral sealant. TDF type integral flanges are also available as an option.
  • All GI ducts shall be with beading at 300mm distance, which act as stiffeners and help minimizing vibration and drumming noise of duct sheet panels. Tie rods and stiffeners shall be provided, if required.
  • Factory fabricated and ”Ready to Install” ducts at the site.
  • Accurate in finished dimensions.
  • Special identification stickers on duct pieces cross referred to AC units/drawings/areas for an easy installation process.
  • Quick and easy installation without the use of special tools.

Transverse Joints


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