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Access Doors

Leminar range of duct access doors has been designed to allow easy and convenient access to the equipments within HVAC ductwork, while providing a secure, positive seal when closed.


  •  22G galvanised steel flanged frame for strength.
  • Double skinned 24 G galvanised door panel.
  • 1 inch thick insulation.
  • Notched knock over tabs and camlock fasteners.
  • Positive seal synthetic gaskets.
  • Safety retaining chain on removable door as an option item.
  • Continuous piano type hinge standard on model AD-HCL

 Product Features:

  • Progressive action, zinc plated camlocks for secure closure 1 inch (25 mm) thick insulation for reduced noise and heat transfer (2 inch thick insulation option is also available).
  • Synthetic gaskets for positive seal.
  • Sizes and models to suit most applications.
  • Available hinges and safety chains (option).
  • Meets SMACNA construction specifications.

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