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By-Pass VAV/Pressure Independent VAV

By-Pass Type VAV

Leminar Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control units are ideal for low and medium pressure applications. These units are suitable for both cooling and heating systems. The temperature can be preset on the electronic analogue/digital thermostat, which senses the room temperature and controls the VAV Unit. The required quantity of air to each zone is pumped in to the serving area based on the load requirement and the balance air bypassed through the bypass section of the VAV unit above false ceiling or to return air ducts.

Product range :

  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used to add zone control to various areas of the existing building.
  • These units can easily be located to suit interior requirements.
  • These units are provided with integral inlet and bypass balancing dampers.
  • Special acoustic treatment helps to achieve low NC levels for various applications.
  • Design ensures low pressure drops on air side.
  • Electronic digital thermostat ensures precise temperature control.
  • Minimum air volume stop is provided which requires field adjustment to suit the application.

BVAV Series

  • Bypass type
  • Low NC levels
  • Low air side pressure drops



20 BWG galvanized steel with round or rectangular inlets. Outlets are rectangular with slip and drive connections.


  • 20 BWG galvanished steel sturdy design to eleminate ratting noise
  • VAV casing is internally lined with 1/2″ thick(13mm), 32kg/m3 density BGT faced acoustic liner.
  • Size ranging from 75 CFM to 3000CFM.


VAV unit is provided with a modulating electronic control package.

The 24 Volt modulating actuator is factory mounted direct to the damper shaft and includes an adjustable minimum air volume end stop as a standard feature.

A 220 Volt to 24 Volt step down transformer is required and shall be supplied as a package.

ON-OFF Type controls are available as an option.

Make of Actuator and thermostat shall be Neptronic, Canada. However, other makes likes Belimo, Siemens can also be arranged as an option.

Pressure Independent VAV

Leminar Pressure independent VAV units are an innovative solution manufactured with the greatest precision and latest manufacturing techniques at Leminar.

This unit is served by a central air handler and modulates the amount of ‘primary’ cooling air to the space between a minimum set point and the design airflow. The components of the unit include an acoustilcally lined sheet metal box, round inlet damper, sensor and a rectangular outlet. This model has a unique Neptronic, Canada make Nepcross cross flow sensor which is located in the upstream section of the vav chamber. The sensing points collectively average the primary air velocity pressure across the entire inlet area.

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